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However, you may risk erasing the external hard drive to GUID partition map or run Stellar Partition Manager software to manage an external hard drive. To perform partitioning actions on such external USB hard drives, you require to re-format the external storage media to GUID partition table. One can neither add a new partition or resize, delete another partition.

Case 2 Partition button is disabled. On selecting the partition from the parent hard drive, the Partition tab is greyed out or disabled. The solution to partition the external hard drive conveniently requires reformatting the entire hard drive to GUID partition i.

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OS X Journaled. Once the external hard disk gets erased to GUID partition map, the Disk Utility will allow all the actions to be performed without any hassle.

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Kindly see the below screenshot:. And not just add, but it can resize the hard drive as per convenience. Erasing the external hard drive to OS X Journaled is recommended for partitioning and resizing the hard drive. However, it is not always feasible to format an MBR external hard disk drive just to create or resize partitions.

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  • Erasing the external hard drive will cause the loss of data. Alternative, you can free download and activate Stellar Partition Manager software DMG to perform the tasks of adding a new partition, resizing partition sizes and even removing the partition without reformatting or erasing the external hard drive to GUID on Mac.

    This is the same external USB hard drive that we have shown up in above 2 cases. The available features of the partition manager software allow all of the partitioning tasks to be successfully implemented on an internal Apple hard drive i.

    GUID partitioning scheme is required

    Oct 8, 5 1 Berlin, Germany. Hi everyone, long time reader, never posted anything. Couldn't find anything about this anywhere, so I figured this would be the best place. Instead, the scheme defaults to GUID, which in my case is useless. I need to format the drive in MBR to ensure maximum compatibility the drive contains a Digital Cinema Package, and I had the best results working with the Master Boot Record scheme in the past in terms of compatibility.

    Is there any hidden option I might have missed, or if there isn't: does any of you know if there's a workaround like a Terminal command to format a drive with MBR? Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Last edited: Oct 8, I cannot believe I am the only one having this problem in the whole wide world. Merode macrumors a. Nov 5, Warszawa, Poland. It's not a bug. Disk Utility still offers this option but only if you choose 'Wipe' on physical device rather than volume which makes perfect sense. In Go to 'View' and enable advanced view I don't remember exact wording.

    You will notice that physical devices have appeared.

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    Select desired one and then 'Wipe'. You'll notice that partition scheme options are now available. This was all I was looking for. Jan 24, 1 0. Apr 11, 1 1. Merode said:. Reactions: Merode.