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For the month of august, Exodus tops our list of the best Kodi addons. Even with so many popular Kodi addons going down, Exodus still keep on working smoothly and its database is continuously being updated. It has surpassed Covenant as the number one kodi addon and it can be installed directly from the Kodil Repository. Why is Exodus the most popular Kodi addon?

Even after so many problems, it is still considered the most popular Kodi Addon. The content in Exodus is updated consistently and you could find all the latest and popular movies, tv series, live IPTV channels and radio stations. In addition, the addon also offers a superb search and favorites feature, and categorized list of content so you can find your favorite movies, shows, etc.

Below are the search results of the most famous addons, and this result shows the prominent dominancy of Exodus addon. This is another add-on that uses similar code as Exodus and Genesis Reborn.

What makes Yoda stand out from the rest of the add-ons is that you would find some unique categories here that are not available with others. This is exactly why it is one of the highest trending Kodi add-on of With Yoda you can browse a colossal library of TV shows and movies that are further divided into subcategories by languages, genres, popularity, and certificates.

The home screen will also allow you to access box-sets and assorted documentaries. You will also find TV shows based on their home network. This is where you use FastestVPN to get the fully unblocked version of the add-on. All you need to do is combine the VPN with Kodi and you will have access to just about any add-ons out there. If you are downloading the add-on from Supremacy directly than all you need to do is install the repository and look for this add-on on your Kodi. Though we really hope that we will have the pleasure of using Exodus for a fairly long time, having an alternative in the pocket is never a bad idea.

This is exactly why we are recommending Tempest. This add-on like any other will allow you to watch your favorite movies and TV Shows. It uses different types of movie tracking services and so many more.

This a pretty new add-on which has it receiving several different regular updates. Though, in case you are wondering, it does feature the new and the old titles. All you need to do is add this URL to your Kodi, install the Tempest repository and lastly install the add-on. This is because these two add-ons are birthed by the same developer and they prove to be good alternatives to one another.

How to Install IceFilms on Kodi Jarvis Version 16 or Higher

Though, the added feature of Gen-X is that it is a little more enhanced when it comes to its content. You will find some niche categories here that are difficult to come by otherwise.

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This is why we highly recommend that you install this add-on. All you have to do is install this repository and then install Gen-X. This unique add-on combines several different types of content for the viewing pleasure of the customers. You will see plenty of content here pertaining to cartoons, TV shows documentaries, live TV channels, and movies. You can also access many radio stations from all over the world along with CCTV live-feeds. As you would witness countless quality content can be found here.

Once you have installed it then go for the add-on. These addons provide copyright content for streaming through illegal sources and thus, put you in a lot of legal troubles. The only way you can become safe from legal trouble is by using a Kodi VPN.


Icefilms addon for Kodi and XBMC

You ISP and even surveillance agencies will not know your real location. This way you can stream on Kodi anonymously with the best Kodi addons. With so many Kodi addons, it is really difficult to choose which one is the best since all of them offer amazing features and a wide range of streaming content. However, we tried most of the working Kodi addons and have summarized a list of the best Kodi addons for Kodi users to enjoy streaming their favorite content straightaway.

Here is the list of the best Kodi addons for that are offering unlimited content for streaming. Note: The list includes official and unofficial Kodi addons, many of which are geo-restricted and will require a Kodi VPN to get free, instant access. New addons keep on coming and going day by day.

How to Install IceFilms on Kodi in Less Than 4 Minutes

So many new addons have surfaced that are bound to make you forget all those popular addons of the past. Moreover, new addons are less-likely to be targeted by law enforcement agencies. So it will be easy for Kodi fanatics to enjoy their favorite streaming content on these new addons for a longer time and without any trouble. We have tried and tested various new best Kodi addons and ultimately made a list of the ones that are working smoothly. So, here is the list of all the new best Kodi addons for The list keeps growing but we have gathered a few that are claimed as the best Kodi addons for Kodi users.

Attention: using third-party addons is not safe and can get you in trouble. To avoid getting caught, use a Kodi VPN as it is the only solution to stay safe and anonymous from ISPs and infringement of copyright laws. A VPN will mask your IP to change your current location to another country and make your appear from a different region. This way you can stream on Kodi securely and enjoy watching your favorite content with the best Kodi addons instantly.

Popular video addons will already be accounted for by default. In the box that appears, write down the name of the subreddit you would like to add and click OK when you are done. Make sure you add the subreddit name without any other detail. Simply write the name without any links or references. To install this addon and add it to your video addons on Kodi, read the guide above. Note: Noobs and Nerds Repository is currently down but it is said that it is being worked on. Take precautionary measures and be connected to FastestVPN for high privacy. Alternative URLs:. Though this is a newcomer, it has certainly come to play!

Kratos is an all in one add-on. It comes with everything from TV shows to movies that belong several different assorted collections. The thing that stands out about Kratos is its navigation system. Since it is built on the Exodus code there is a lot can be seen here. The main menu is very smooth to browse through and there are several different sub categories. This means that there are a lot of way you can browse the content so as to be able to better filter.

You can access this URL using your Kodi and then later take out the add-on. This is a newly released add-on that is exclusively about movies and TV shows.

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The interesting thing about this layout is the movie posters and artwork along with grids that will help you go through a vast library. The best thing about Entertain Me is that it makes the newest releases available to you. You can look at either the most popular ones or the latest. Since Entertain Me uses reliable scrapper you will not find any non-working link.

How To Install Icefilms Kodi Addon In 2017

You can find Entertain Me in the Stream Army repository. Listed are the top best working Kodi addons. Some are new, some are old and some are replaced — as is normal with the Kodi addon culture. These best Kodi addons include video sections of all sorts from all realms. You can stream content on Kodi live on demand, stream by event or catch up on sports later with recorded videos if you miss out on a sport because of some work.

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These are top 27 best Kodi Sports addons that are fantastic to watch sports on Kodi. They can of course be used to watch other sports too. WWE on Demand is rated amongst the best Kodi addons for wrestling. Most of these addons have sport replays sections which are great when you want action replay of great hits.

Kodi has become a comprehensive entertainment source. These include launchers, trailer and streaming along with game titles.