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If you need to connect more computers or devices to your network than there are ports on your router, use an Ethernet hub. Modern Macintoshes can send data very fast, at Gigabit Ethernet speeds, if both ends of the channel can handle this speed. If you buy a router or hub, make sure it supports Gigabit, or base-T, speed.

How To Connect Mac To Internet (WIFI & Ethernet) - 2017

When you are buying Ethernet cables, choose "cat 6" or "cat 6A" cables to make sure you get full speed. To use a printer on your home network and print to it from all your local computers 1 or 2 above , it needs a print server. If your router supports WiFi, then you don't need wires between the computers and the network. Visitors can temporarily use your Internet connection too. Be aware of the security implications: configure your router to require a name and password, and use WPA-2 encryption. Understand that WiFi speeds are routinely overstated.

WiFi is also subject to interference from other radio devices.

How to Set Up a Wired Network for Your Macs - dummies

Once your network is set up, you can connect multiple computers, phones, and tablets to the network. To connect a Mac, do this:.

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Other users on your network can use files on your Mac if you enable file sharing. This is where you choose a network name for your computer. You only have to enable sharing once, and it will remain enabled till you turn it off, even if you restart the Mac. Do not enable features unless you understand their security implications. In order to access files on another Mac, call it Al, on your network, enable sharing on Fred as described above.

Open a Finder window. Navigate it to the folder containing your local files, or where you want to put files you copy. Open a second Finder window with command-N: you will use it to view a folder on the remote computer. Click on it. On the first visit, the Finder will ask you for a password. Give the name and password of the computer's owner and check remember this in my keychain.

HP Printers - Wired Network Printer Setup (Mac)

Now you should have a list of folders you can open on the remote computer. Double click on the folder you want and navigate around as usual. When you drag file or folder icons between the two finder windows, they will be copied from one computer to the other. If you don't do this, you will get a warning dialogue when the remote computer reboots, and files could be damaged. You can drive the cursor and send mouse clicks to the remote computer, and type into its applications. This can be very valuable for configuring remote computers, recovering from bad video settings, and assisting other Mac users.

Screen sharing like this can be done across iChat to view and control a remote Mac anywhere, which can be very useful for remote support of friends and relatives. You can do some file sharing from your Mac's finder to Windows computers on your home network. I don't use this much, and sometimes it is complicated, so I won't go into it here. A simpler alternative is to install Dropbox on both Mac and Windows. I often use scp , rsync , and ssh to access Linux and Unix computers on my network and elsewhere.

These are commands that come with every Mac install the developer tools. I tried screen sharing with a Fedora Linux computer, and it popped up a dialog box asking permission, but then nothing happened.. You can type man ssh in a Terminal window to get standard Unix help, useful to Unix programmers. These commands will keep asking for the password of an account on the remote system, which gets tedious. Do not attempt to guess at the proper configuration of your computer when attaching it to a network.

Connecting Your Mac to a Network

An improperly configured computer can potentially disrupt an entire network, so make sure you have all the information you need from your administrator or ISP before attempting the things in this chapter! On a network that is set up to automatically configure your computer using DHCP, the most complicated thing you need to do is plug in the network cable!

The network preference panel displays. All of the active network interfaces are listed here. Red dots indicate that no connection is present on the interface.

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Plug the network cable into the back of your Mac. After a few seconds, the interface should update, showing a green dot for an active connection.

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  7. The pane to the right of the interfaces displays the information that your computer is using to communicate online. See All Related Store Items.