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Newly added stations will automatically sync within 24 hours, or directly after a restart of Radio. Sure, please send us an email at radio hetissimpel. Please email us your stations in the following format: Any stream that plays can be recorded. All recordings are in MP3 format and not restricted in any way.

No, currently you cannot schedule recordings directly within Radio. However, there is a way to schedule recordings with Radio using Automator and iCal. The step-by-step description can be found here. Your recordings are saved to your User directory at: All recordings are saved in mp3 format, indepent of the original stream format. Your recordings are saved with a filename that is a combination of a timestamp and the radio station's name. The location of the recordings is your User directory at: You can only edit and delete stations that you added yourself.

The global library of streams that comes with Radio cannot be edited or deleted, so if you did not add any custom stations, these buttons are greyed out. We're sorry to hear that. It could be anything from technical issues at the station to a glitch on our end. Radio stream urls often change, some stations disappear. Also, some radio stations only broadcast at certain times of the day.

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You can manually delete streams that are not working anymore or that don't interest you. Radio stores the station in your iCloud account and syncs it with any other Macs that are running Radio and are logged into your same iCloud account. It should! Hopefully, everything will jump into life then and your Favourites and custom stations are synced across iCloud.

Not at the moment. We might add this in a future version.

SonicWeb Internet Radio Player free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Until that time you'll have to add streams one by one or send us an email at radio hetissimpel. The file containing both your streams and favourites can be found at: Your recordings can be found in your User directory at: Is Radio compatible with Retina screens? Yes it is! The primary idea of Radio is to have as little user interface as possible.

But the interface that is there, is optimized for Retina. In fact, Radio was developed using Retina Macbook Pros.

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If you have any questions or if you need support installing or using Radio , please contact us:. Please let us know if you find any bugs or if you would like specific features to be added in future versions. By using our free optional RadioMediaKeys utility you can now also start and stop Radio with the media keys on your keyboard.

To enable you to use your keyboard media keys with Radio , we made the RadioMediaKeys utility. It can be downloaded for free:. RadioMediaKeys will show in your Dock and can be controlled and quit from there. We've open-sourced our RadioMediaKeys utility.

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Check out the code and make it work the way you want at: You can use the Radio Applescript interface in any way you like, from FastKeys to Automator workflows. Use as Applescript command: At Het is Simpel we tend to build things we need ourselves. Damien listens to internet radio all day and got frustrated that he missed his favourite shows while being in presentations and meetings. So he started searching for a lean and mean OSX app which would play and record streaming internet radio from the menu bar, while using minimal system resources.

He didn't find it Jeroen is as passionate about easy to use interfaces as he is frustrated about confusing interfaces. Damien has been coding since before he was 7 years old. He works as a software engineer based in Dublin, Ireland. Remco is freelance UX designer and web developer. He has worked with Jeroen on many websites and web apps in the past. He has built the Radio website and has diligently been testing countless versions of Radio.

How To Make Your Own Internet Radio Station For Mac

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6 Easy Ways To Bring Internet Radio To Your Mac

Radio for mac, Apple OSX app for playing and recording streaming internet radio from your menu bar Currently playing radio station Song or program info, shows in Notification Centre. Play and pause can also be controlled with the media keys on your keyboard with our free RadioMediaKeys utility , or with Applescript. Radio for mac, Apple OSX app for playing and recording streaming internet radio from your menu bar, is ready for Retina screens. Radio for mac, Apple OSX app.

It's the first internet radio app that won't file your taxes.

With Radium's iCloud support, you can finally keep one set of favorite stations across all your devices. Radio on your Mac and iPhone, together at last, beautifully available on Retina displays everywhere. Why listen to the same 12 songs on repeat, when you can hear to music, news, and feature programs selected daily by professionals? DJ's are so much better when they're real. New stations added every day. Existing stations improved regularly.

How to tune in to internet radio on your Mac with iTunes and VLC

Friendly support by real people. Give Radium a try. We think you're going to love it. Health level-ups without sound fade-outs. Public transit. Private performance. Rain stations available for sunny days. Add favorite tracks to your Wish List. With track previews and store integration, it's your one stop record shop. Instantly find new stations by name, genre, call-sign, city, country, frequency, or any combination.

Let Radium automatically enhance the sound of each station, or geek it up with your own settings. Record your listening history and favorite songs on your Last.

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