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How to Delete or Archive Emails on iPhone and iPad

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Manually Backing up Outlook Mac 2011 / 2016 Mails to an OLM Archive

I'm just trying to figure out how to move 18, hotmail outlook emails into a folder in one shot. If they are all in your inbox, you will just have to do a page at a time. If they are already in folders, move the folder into Archive. Jun 8, AM. Jun 8, PM. Question: Q: how to avoid syncing old emails hotmail More Less.

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Outlook 2016 And The Mysterious Disappearing Folder Pane

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In order to export messages from Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird, you must export messages from the Windows application and import them into Thunderbird. Importing Windows Mail.

How do I automatically archive mail in Outlook for Mac?

Download and install this add-on to transfer messages from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird. In order to import Windows contacts into Thunderbird, you must export the contacts to vCard files. See the Export contacts from Outlook article at Microsoft. In the Import Address Book window that appears, use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to match the address book fields on the left to the correct data for import on the right, and uncheck items you do not want to import.

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When you are done, click OK. Your contacts should now be imported and ready for use in Thunderbird. Note that if you are having problems importing the fields properly like when all record data to import shows up inside the first field row when inside the Import Address Book window , this is probably a result of an exported.

This usually happens because the separator in Windows Regional settings does not match the one for the Thunderbird locale, for instance when you exported a. In this case, you should make the list separator match in your Regional settings before exporting the. The normal Thunderbird import process requires that you have Eudora or Outlook installed on your computer.

If you do not have them installed, there are alternatives as noted below. To use Thunderbird's import wizard, you must use an older version of Thunderbird, because the wizard is disabled for Outlook and Eudora in Thunderbird version 38 and newer versions. Install version For Eudora, if you have data problems or crashes, try an even older version of Thunderbird and a tool to clean the data. An alternative to Thunderbird's import wizard is to find a tool to transform your data to mbox format. One such mbox conversion tool for Eudora is Eudora Rescue.

If Eudora is not installed and you want to use the Thunderbird import wizard, you can easily change the Windows registry to point to your Eudora files, then run the import wizard. Thunderbird and Evolution use the same file format called mbox to store your mails, so its not difficult to import them manually.

Saving Local Outlook Emails Mac

If you are using a web-based application provided by your Internet Service Provider ISP to access your email, you probably only need to configure your account information to switch to Thunderbird. See Manual Account Configuration for instructions. Once you have configured your account in Thunderbird, you should be able to access all your messages both incoming and sent. However, your address book contacts , mail filters and other settings will not be automatically transferred to Thunderbird.

How to Archive Email Messages in Outlook

Some web-base email applications allow you to export contacts in text or comma-separated formats. Check your ISP's documentation for more information. Was this article helpful? Switching to Thunderbird.