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I was blown away by how painless and well it runs on this little laptop, thought I'd share in case anyone wants to play Fallout on their Mac. Plays smooth, could bump it up higher.

Fallout New Vegas System Requirements

Any idea if this could work with the Steam version? I've only got a steam key on me. The Porting Kit app does say it will work with the Steam version!

I haven't tested it though. I have played both fallout 3 and NV on Mac with steam version. You need to make wrapper for Windows steam to install it, than change it to start with fallout. There should be guides on porting team I think.

fallout new vegas modding on mac?

Been a while. I'm just using mouse and keyboard. But the GOG page says it supports controllers.

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  7. Please, I need help. Followed all the steps above and can get to the FONV menu screen and when I press Play, it launches a small black screen and nothing more.

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    Am I missing something? By doing this, the player becomes caught between various factions competing for control over the desert and its most valuable asset, the Hoover Dam, ultimately coming to shape the future of its inhabitants. The game was a critical and commercial success, shipping more than five million copies altogether. Patch After being found by a friendly local robot, Victor, and healed by a man named Doc Mitchell, the Courier is thrust back into the desert to seek revenge and recover the stolen package.

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