Xbox 360 controller for mac driver

Getting the hardware for XBox 360 Controller on Mac

I have however been informed that bit and bit builds are both working. The latest release of the driver includes support, and I'll be updating the USB information section of this website shortly. I've not yet checked the wireless receiver for compatibility.

Other info Sadly, my PowerMac has died, which as my primary development machine has slowed progress. I have added a version of the driver without support for the Guitar Hero controller, to allow the Guitar Hero for Mac game to work it attempts to access hardware directly, which doesn't work if a real driver has claimed the device. Help If you find the driver does not work for you, please attempt and find out as much as you can about the device, preferably using the Apple "USB Prober" application provided with the developer tools, but the output of System Profiler for the device may be enough.

E-mail it back and I'll try and work with you to get it working.

How to use an Xbox 360 controller on your Mac

Force feedback-enabled games Games I've currently tested for force feedback support only games that support basic rumble will probably function currently, as I've only implemented triangle, square and sine wave-type effects. I also lack any other force feedback device for comparison: Additional features have been added to help with preference saving, some enhancements for Bluetooth controllers, and new devices. A few minor improvements in addition to some new controllers.

Xbox controllers can pretend to have the same vendor and product IDs as the official controller. Xcode 5 cannot compile bit kexts. This release actually resolves issues with Xbox One controllers not initializing properly. If you have issues with Xbox One controller initialization using this release, please create a new issue.

Use An Xbox Controller On Your Mac [OS X Tips] | Cult of Mac

Third party Xbox One controllers are still not initializing properly. This release should resolve issues with Xbox One controllers not initializing properly. If you have issues with Xbox One controller initialization using this release, try using 0. This release adds some new devices and fixes an issue where "normalize" wouldn't stay checked in the preference pane.

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This release requires macOS Assets 3. This considerably slows down the performance of your Mac, preventing quick and easy installations, and can even hinder the controller connectivity.

Use An Xbox 360 Controller On Your Mac [OS X Tips]

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Using (Wireless or Wired) XBOX360 Controller on Mac (High Sierra and Sierra Tested!)

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How to use the Xbox 360 controller on Mac

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