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Mobile USB device. Mobile Phone Memory Cards. Hand Held Devices. Palm Pilot. Ipod music devices.

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We can perform Recovery from File System Corruption. We restore deleted files and perform undelete files from data corruption and for lost files.

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The Files on my hard drive were suddenly not recognized. The system prompted and asked to format the disk.

Seagate Recovery Services

An extremely common problem on hard disks. The cause of this occuring could be a bad sector at critical section of the hard disk or corruption on the partition structure, to name a couple of possible failures. My hard drive is not recognized. My hard disk drive is not detected. How can I recover data from this catastrophic experience?!

I could not access my emails.

The Seagate Advantage

The access to my drive is very slow and crawling. Various diagnostic software failed. Failure could be due to something mechanical inside the drive. Blue screen then error upon reboot.

Upon force shutdown, the system failed to reboot. My hard drive crashed. When my hard drive crashed I was so scared that I would never be able to access my irreplaceable documents and photos.


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How can I find a reliable data recovery centre that provides computer recovery services, hard drive repair to retrieve data. Data Retrieval services. My photos are gone.

I had pictures since of my kids and family on the drive which crashed. I accidentally deleted my files. Can I recover the files that I deleted by mistake? I was working late at night, with lack of concentration to blame, I deleted one directory full of my important documents.

They are not even in the Recycle Bin! I want to recover my data! It is so important that you contact us so we can help diagnose the best and cheapest way forward. If you try to recover Hard Disk data yourself you may cause further damage depending on the issue, which is why it is important you contact us as early as possible.

Data-X provides professional data recovery services both for External and Internal hard disk. We are very well equipped with a team of professionals who are proficient in recovering all types of loss, corrupt and deleted data from USB Flash drive , solid-state drive and Recover Your Raid Server Data. I was quite expensive, but the data I wished to recover was priceless.