How to clear browsing history on mac safari

If you happen to be Internet Explorer, here is how you can clear your browsing history:. Browsing history is an essential feature that plays out a huge part in making browsing an overall better experience. Yet search history is something you want to keep private.

How To Automatically Delete Browsing History in Safari

One way of securing that privacy is through managing your history. Download Pricing FAQ. How to Delete Browsing History on Mac First and foremost, treat yourself to a little lifehack called private aka incognito internet browsing. How to Clear Safari History on Mac Open and select Safari browser In the menu bar click on History and then Clear History at the very bottom of the list Select the time range and click Clear History to delete Safari browsing history Note : Clearing history will also delete related website cookies and data.

How to Clear Safari Browsing History on Apple iPhone or iPad

If you happen to be Internet Explorer, here is how you can clear your browsing history: Open and select Internet Explorer browser Click the Gear Icon to access Tools and select Internet options at the bottom In the General tab hit Delete under Browsing history section Optional : You can enable Delete browsing history on exit by checking the corresponding box. This way IE will be automatically clearing out the history when you close the browser. You can not undo removal of Safari history items.

Keep your browsing history a mystery in Safari

You can selectively remove any item found within Safari history on a Mac by following these instructions:. This tip is particularly useful when combined with the Safari History Search feature, since you can find specific keywords, terms, webpages, websites, and topics within History if you want to selectively delete the history within the browser for any found occurrences.

If you find yourself frequently wanting to delete specific Safari history items, you may be better off preemptively using Private Browsing mode in Safari for Mac , which does not leave any browser history when active. While removing local history will remove traces of a website visit from a particular computer and perhaps hide the visit from yourself or another person, that local data removal has no impact on the various remote servers or the underlying infrastructure used to access websites or the internet in the first place, which separately will track all internet data like website visits and browsing sessions and they may sell that data too.

How to Delete Browsing History on your Mac

As usual, iOS users are not left out either, as you can delete specific history items from Safari on iPhone and iPad too using a similar method. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:.

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