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Save yourself editing time with Batch Processing. Apply Scenes, Effects, Borders and more to a batch of photos with just one click. Photo Editing Tools. Fotor is loaded with powerful, easy-to-use editing tools to help you make all your photos look amazing. Adjust patterns, colors, and more for that finishing touch. Don't like rules? Put your photos anywhere you want with Freestyle Collage. Unleash your creative inspiration using a mix of clear focus and selective blurring.

Photo Enhancement. Most photos aren't taken in a controlled environment and sometimes there isn't time to adjust the settings on your camera when conditions change. Effects, Boders and text. Be a visual master by mixing up effects, borders and text in a style that's all your own. Fully Optimized for. In addition, Paint. The photo editor displays all photo editing steps you perform in the History tab, which allows you to quickly undo all the mistakes you make.

All Mac owners already have a powerful photo editing software at their disposal that can help them both organize and edit their photos. Even though the Photos app for macOS is not the most professional photo editing software you can find, its color correction tools enable you to control the light in your shots with utmost precision.

This photo editing software allows you to control white balance , desaturate a photo or add a vignette to a photo. Besides a broad range of color enhancement tools, the Photos App for macOS features a rich library of filters and effects , you can use to make your pictures stand out on social media. In addition, the Photos App is equipped with a series of editing modes like the Live Photo that gives more dynamics to a still picture or the Long Exposure mode that lets you simulate images captured at low exposure values.

The file-sharing capabilities make the Photos App an attractive option for all Mac users who want to polish their photos before sharing them on social media. There are a bunch of options to choose from if you want to edit your photos on a PC computer. Moreover, the Photos app also offers basic video editing capabilities , which enables you to polish your videos before sharing them to social media.

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The Photos app lets you import images from your Smartphone or a digital camera to your computer and sort them out so you can edit them more efficiently. Once you import the pictures you can create an album from which you can edit all of your photos. The Edit and Create drop-down menu contain several different options you can use to rotate or crop your images, apply filters and remove the red-eye effect. The Photos app also lets you draw over your photos , add animated text layers or 3D effects.

If you are looking for a quick way to organize and edit your photos, then the Photos App for Windows 10 is possibly one of your best options.

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Besides enabling you to view photos, PhotoScape also offers a broad range of photo editing tools. PhotoScape is equipped with all basic photo editing tools so you can adjust colors, add text or frames or perform a variety of other photo editing actions. This Windows-based photo editor lets you combine and merge multiple photos to create collages or slice up your pictures into separate pieces.

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Its batch-processing capabilities are also remarkable, so if you are looking for a way to edit a large number of images, you should consider using PhotoScape. Its printing features are also among the reasons why novice photographers use this software since it enables them to print portraits, landscapes or even passport photos. Which photo editing software you are going to choose, depends on a broad range of factors. If you are looking for a free photo editing software that is stacked with photo editing tools, Gimp is probably your best option.

However, photo editing can be a time-consuming task, and a photo editor like PhotoScape can save you a lot of time editing photos. Processing photos automatically is usually not a great choice if you want to have control over values like Contrast or Exposure. Photos apps for macOS and Windows are probably your best option if you are just looking for a quick way to organize and edit your pictures. As you grow and develop as a photographer so do your photo editing needs.

The Photo Cutter mode can remove the background from a photo within seconds, while you can remove watermarks or retouch old photos from the Eraser mode.

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Fotophire also features more than twenty blending modes that allow you to control the intensity of each effect or filter you apply to a photo. This photo editing software supports a broad range of picture file formats and allows you to edit all your pictures regardless of the format in which they were saved. Compatibility: macOS , Windows, online. This photo editing app for Mac and Windows computers features a large number of templates that enable you to create Facebook or YouTube covers , Instagram posts or website banners in just a few clicks.

17 Best Photo Editing Software for Photographers

Besides offering a variety of templates, Fotor features a huge library of effects , you can use to make your photos more dynamic and vibrant. This photo editing app is a perfect choice if you want to cover skin blemishes, whiten the teeth of your models or remove the red-eye effect. Fotor grants you access to more than a hundred collage layout options so that you can easily combine your images and experiment with different options. All common file formats are supported, so you won't have trouble opening any of your photos regardless of the camera you used to take it.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is aimed at social media marketers and image editors who often batch-process photos. This photo video editing software is designed to save you time on photo editing by automating the process.

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You simply have to select the pictures you want to edit and click on the Optimize button, and this photo editing software will do the rest for you. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer enhances individual colors in photos, by calculating the optimal values for brightness, contrast, saturation or exposure settings. This photo editing software will also crop the photos you edit with it automatically, and remove all unwanted elements from your shots. Rotating photos is also remarkably easy, so you can quickly adjust each photo you edit to the social media platform on which you want to share it.

Even though image processing algorithms are still in their infancy Ashampoo Photo Optimizer can be useful in a broad range of situations. Marketers who batch-process large quantities of images on a daily basis can benefit from using Ashampoo Photo Optimizer , as it enables them to edit photos efficiently without prior knowledge of photo editing techniques.

Mastering Corel PaintShop Pro is going to take a while even if you have intermediate photo editing skills.

The rich creative content library lets you choose from a broad range of gradients, brushes, patterns and color pallets and allows you to try out new things constantly. The Corel PaintShop also contains powerful digital drawing and painting features that allow you to create digital paintings from scratch. Furthermore, its Pic-to-Painting tool utilizes the Deep Neural Network to analyze your photos and apply a variety of painting styles to your picture.

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Corel PaintShop is also a great option for portrait photographers as it is stacked with features that make enhancing portraits simple. This photo editing software is created to cater to the needs of high-end professional photographers who need complete control over the photo editing process. If you own a Sony or Fujifilm digital camera, then you should consider opting for the versions of this photo editor that are built to process images that are taken with different models of cameras made by these camera manufacturers.

Luminosity masking, linear gradients or film curves are just a few options that ensure that each photo you edit with Capture One Pro meets the highest industry standards. This photo editor contains a variety of cinematic and film styles that enable you to replicate the look of images taken on analog cameras. Each version of the photo editor contains camera profiles that make the colors in your photos more vibrant even before you start editing them. The Blended Clone tool can be used to copy pixels from one segment of the photo and blend them into another segment seamlessly.

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The long list of filters and LUTs makes the color enhancement process much faster and reduces the amount of time you have to spend trying to find perfect hue or saturation values for each photo. This is not a regular photo editing software you can use to adjust color values or remove skin blemishes from your photos.