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This is a free update for all owners of a v2 licence. Ping Pong Delay v2. SW Function applies simple mathematical operations to incoming CVs. It is intended to be particularly useful in conjunction with the forthcoming ES-6 and ES-7 modules. Like the existing Transport mode, but stops when the host transport stops.

Full Specifications

Crossfade Loop Synth has been updated to v3. Changes in this version: - Fixed a crash when attempting to load an unsupported sample file e. Changes in this version: - fixed blank UI problem in Cubase. Changes in this version: - fixed a problem that prevented use of the plug-in status bar mute, presets etc. Please refer to the user manual for a fuller list of changes.

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Silent Way v1. This version adds a workaround to the Silent Way Sync plug-in for a Logic Pro bug which could cause erratic clock output. Get it while you can! Please see this thread for more info, and for download links. ES-4 Controller v1.

This is the first release of a 64 bit Windows VST version of Augustus, and indeed of any of our plug-ins. Note that an updated Licence Manager is also available, which is required for activation on 64 bit systems. Note that there is an updated version of the user manual for this release. Also, an offset control has been added to each, to allow the timing to be brought forward or pushed back by a small amount, to compensate for any timing delays in the hardware being synced.

This adds the ability to route audio or CVs through the plug-in to the ES-4, allowing integration with the rest of the Silent Way suite. So if you use Silent Way and Logic, there seems to be reason to hold off upgrading to Lion. If you use our other plug-ins, or other DAWs, there are no known problems as of now. CV Generator v2. This release fixes a rare crash that could occur when automating parameters in Cubase, using the 64 bit version of Cubase and the 32 bit plug-in bridge.

Only the AudioUnit version is updated. The Silent Way SMUX plug-in gets around this reduction in channel count by providing a complementary multiplexing scheme, which takes 4 channels of CVs and combines them onto 2 channels of the double-speed audio stream.

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When the ADAT output is then decoded by a normal-speed interface such as the ES-3 mentioned above , the channels are demultiplexed, and so you get your 4 channels of CV back again. Changes in this version: - Fixed reporting of plug-in latency to host. In Plogue Bidule, this could cause a problem with the drones not reactivating when a plug-in was switched in and out of Bypass mode. Only the Windows VST versions are updated. Minky Starshine v1. Only the AU version is updated. Only the Windows VST version is updated.

Changes in this version: - Improvements to the interactive painting of dense spectral data. This simply brings it up to date with the Mac OS X releases, already on v3. Spectral Conquest is an effect plug-in that lets you directly manipulate the frequency spectrum of audio signals. The incoming signal is analysed via a FFT Fast Fourier Transform , resulting in the familiar spectrum plot where the full audio spectrum is split into a number of narrow frequency bands. The outgoing audio is then regenerated by an Inverse FFT.

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The interesting bit is that the plug-in lets you modify the frequency spectrum in between. Spectral Conquest allows you to modify the spectrum in two ways: By setting a multiplier for each frequency band. You can simply draw out the multipliers in the GUI. By applying a script to the spectrum. Some basic scripts are included with the plug-in to perform operations such as filtering and gating, but you can also write scripts yourself to do whatever you like.

Changes in this release: - Added support for musical scales to Silent Way Quantizer. CV Generator is now available from the App Store, here. We're happy to announce the release of Silent Way v1. The cables are a very simple job, well within the scope of anyone with basic soldering skills.

disting mk4 firmware v4.10 released

Please see this page for more details. Latency Fixer v1. There are no other changes, so unless you need the 64 bit functionality, you do not need this update. The microtonal tuning scripts for use with Silent Way Voice Controller have been updated to support Python 2. This is a bugfix release addressing some issues with the previous version v2. Issues addressed in this release: - Fixed compatibility with OS X Only the VST versions are updated. From now on we anticipate that all our Mac releases will be Intel only, will support 64 bit use, and will require Mac OS X There are no new features in Augustus Loop v2.

If you are though, download the update now from the downloads page. Please use v2. Update : there is also a problem with this version and OS X A fix is being worked on. One of the new features of Silent Way v1. By processing this data, it is easy to retune the Voice Controller to generate arbitrary scales instead of the standard equal tempered scale.

More details here. Silent Way Quantizer is a CV processing plug-in that constrains the incoming continuous CVs to a number of discrete values. For example, it can constrain a pitch CV to exact semitone values. This is especially useful when combined with the Step LFO plug-in in order to accurately sequence musical notes, but it can also be used with e. The Quantizer plug-in is capable of loading the calibration data from the Voice Controller plug-in, in order to output accurately calibrated pitches.

Controlling Eurorack With Silent Way

These can in turn be used to control all sorts of software and hardware devices. Other changes in v1. This release fixes a possible crash when opening the plug-in GUI on some low end graphics hardware. It shares many of the features of the LFO plug-in, but rather than generating waveforms based on simple sine, triangle etc.

When the waveform is interpreted as a series of discrete values, rather than as a continuous wave- form, then the output is that of a traditional analogue step sequencer. See the Expert Sleepers YouTube channel for some ideas. This is a minor update to the AU version only, and addresses an issue where the plug-in would fail Digital Performer's Audio Unit validation. The following updates are released for compatibility with Mac OS X Moreover this plug-in has no special requirements on the audio interface, and so is not just usable by those with DC-coupled interfaces.

This update addresses an issue where the GUIs would appear in slightly the wrong place in Cubase. The new versions add an 'AU Generator' variant to each plug-in, which can be used in Logic on software instrument tracks at the start of the signal chain. A typical application would be for triggering drum sounds, where you might have a number of different sounds mapped to different notes. The major new feature in this release is a polyphonic mode for the Voice Controller. As you might guess from the name, this plug-in is a low frequency oscillator device.

Expert Sleepers Release Silent Way v. 1.0.0

It offers a variety of waveforms, tempo sync, and can be combined with the control outputs e. Augustus Loop is updated to v2. Warbler v1. Exactly two years to the day since the last time it was updated, Warbler v1. This is a free update for all current users of Warbler. Tags: warbler. Silent Way VST updated to v1. This makes it possible to use in Cubase, since Cubase has problems routing audio to virtual instruments.

NB if you were successfully using v1. We apologise for the inconvenience. The AU version is unchanged, and remains a virtual instrument. A new tutorial showing how to set up the Voice Controller VST from scratch in Live has been added to the tutorials page. No changes since the v1. We're proud to announce the release of Silent Way , a suite of plug-ins designed for use as part of a modular analogue synthesiser system. The plug-ins produce no sound themselves, nor do they process sound - rather, they generate signals to be used as control voltages CVs , which can be patched into the control inputs of oscillators, filters, VCAs etc.

These are described in more detail below. It is anticipated that more plug-ins will be added to the suite in the future - watch the website for product announcements. It is intended to be used in conjunction with parameter automation via MIDI or directly by the host application to generate varying signals. Using these functions you can do useful things like distinguish between short and long footpedal presses, or detect double taps etc. As usual, get the update from the downloads page.