Pdf fonts not displaying mac

This problem is caused by a corrupt font cache.

When GUI programs display pdf files, they call Apple's internal pdf routines. In turn, these routines call Apple's font routines to construct bitmaps for the outline fonts. These Apple routines store the bitmaps in a font cache to speed up future display. For reasons unknown until recently, this font cache can become corrupt; this is "triggered" by displaying a defective pdf file.

After that trigger, display problems persist for all files. I have the same question 6. John Korchok Replied on March 10, Volunteer Moderator. Many other users have noticed this.

How to Fix Blurry Fonts in MacOS Mojave for Non-Retina Displays

I suggest that you set up a before and after slide in PowerPoint showing the original text and a PDF of the same, then click on the small smiley-face icon in the upper-right corner of the program window. Choose Tell Us What Can Be Better and describe the issue, include a screenshot of the before and after screen and submit a bug report. It goes to the Mac programming team for correction.

Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. I have adobe in design on it. So I decided to use it for a few things.

PowerPoint 2016 Mac – Pdf displays the correct font but it does not display the font consistently

I pulled a font over from my desktop that I've been using across my various projects. It looks like it should in the program. And then I printed it out. It printed it out in Arial. Then I made a pdf of the document.

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And printed it out from the pdf. It still printed in Arial.

I then copied the pdf to my desktop and printed it from there. It printed out in the correct font. How do I get the mac to print the correct font? Have you installed the font? Sounds like haven't yet.

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Double click on the font file, it will ask if you want to install it. Then you need to at least restart any open applications before it becomes available for use. Font Book is your friend. Get to know it. Ok I just dropped it into the font folder and restarted the program originally.

Mac not Printing Font?

I added it through font book. So it's in the font book. And then I opened the program after I installed it to font book. Then I rebooted it But the problem isn't that it's not in the program, it just not printing correctly. It switches to Arial when I print out the document. So I just copied Regular over. I'm not sure where Regular came from or how it got to be on my desktop, though.

So yes, i brought it from the Windows machine but it's in a font family i already has. What does Font Book display for the "Regular" information?

Is the font verifiable? If it came from a Windows machine, I assume that it's a TrueType font. That would explain why it's visible on screen, but not on the output device. It would also explain why it's not printing from the PDF: it's not embedded, as its outline info is not available or the embedding preference is off. Don't expect mixing fonts from different platforms to work together as one family. OpenType can include TrueType or Postscript, but exist as one file. Gary - in the font book, it displays the sample of the font in the right hand pane, and it passed with a green check mark when I said validate font.