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And they wonder why its so expensive. Libre Office is excellent for writing documents on a desktop. Why anyone would want to pay continuously for the privilege to use Microsoft Office is beyond me. Wake up people. For me personally, I need to have grammar and punctuation checker because I want to write novels and get them published. I don't want to pay for Microsoft when it's a lot of money and a continuous payment, so I'm looking for alternatives. I don't have cable or wifi, so I can't use the Internet on my computer for alternatives I'm using my phone. I got WordPerfect x7 yesterday.

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It has everything Microsoft has, but it has a really bad grammar checker. My stepsister told me Google Docs is a good alternative for those who want or need punctuation and grammar checker and don't have the money for MS and it's free. You just need Internet to download it.

Something that I'll do for sure, because it's a bargain. If you can live with Google Docs or LibreOffice instead of the full Office suite, well, good for you. Most Students can get Office for free from their School or work. Also, even if you leave or graduate, you can sometimes purchase the license at a very low discounted price.

Everyone should always look in to that first. Hey kid, want some hard drugs, it's free for now.

MS is fostering dependency by providing Office and others programs free or at lower prices to students and non-profits. Really pretty clever marketing, IMO. Yeah, it really seems to be that way. I hope that they continue with the desktop apps though. The reason I prefer Office is that I fundamentally hate the whole concept of Office These are tools I use on a daily basis, just as important as any of my pens, pencils, and papers, so by what logic should I "rent" this?

If you look at , assuming you plan on keeping office for more than a year, it's clear that Office is far more expensive, even if costs more from the get-go.

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There are some reasons for a subscription office- corporate offices, for one, would need it- but I see no good reason for a consumer-based subscription Office "service". The day that they get rid of the lifetime plans is the day I stop buying new versions of Office. Software as a Service is a concept that simply doesn't make sense in most cases, but in this case especially. It's a horrible release. There are so many bugs. Outlook search doesn't consistently work and the rules really don't work. Excel data disappears.

The whole office is complaining about this product. Yikes, that seems high! Are you using an old machine? If not, I hope you can find a solution to that. I'd be mad if an office app ever used that much CPU. I'm a troglodyte when it comes to using the cloud to store information. I have more than enough storage and use an NAS to access from an outside location.

What advantage is there for me in using the cloud? That being said, please explain why , which charges annually, is better that which charges once, from a financial stand point. Great article, does justice to users ;.


The color of office after office and looks like a bad taste from Indian, it looks so ugly. And for word, they took away the traditional text boundary function and replaced with a bad one, another taste from India, i guess? Said goodbye to the MS products years ago - been using Libre-Office now for all my former MS Office apps and haven't looked back once - except for Publisher!

Damn propriety file formats.

Only reason I still have Office on my system yet. I absolutely love my Office Personal subscription. I use Excel on my desktop for budgeting my paychecks, so I plug in my take-home pay, plug in any bills I'm going to pay and then plug in my itemized shopping lists. Once I'm finished, I access the file on my cell phone and take my lists with me.

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I can update price changes for groceries and other items on the fly, and I know before hitting the checkout if I'm over budget and need to remove an item or two from my shopping cart. I did notice that WPS Office was missing from the alternatives list. The free version doesn't have all the latest bells and whistles of Office , but it does have desktop and mobile apps and can also access Microsoft's OneDrive. Libre Office or Open Office has long been my office of choice. Always compatible without all the bloat of Microsoft.

I'm perfectly happy with Office which I could load into 5 computers I'm not one to jump on the "newest and latest thing bandwagon" until all bugs have been worked out and endless updates and service packs added.

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Won't be buying Office until I have to move to Windows The biggest flaw in Office is Microsoft. The software could be a success if its designers dropped Microsoft. As for sales now or future, I am not buying it. Been screwed too many times with evaporating keys. Just say NO! I can't say I'm that surprised about the lack of a trial - most of the pirated copies of earlier versions seem to be constantly resetting free trials. It must have been a tricky decision though - how are people going to be sucked in by the new bells and whistles if they don't see them in action.

Perhaps they're counting on people being exposed at work. For me it's too expensive - I use Access so it would be the big money package; but use very little or Word's capabilities as it is - so more functions would probably just be more stuff I've forgotten it even can do. As a frugal person, for a decade I used free word processing software. But often such software had major disadvantages, worst of all, most free software crashes quite often. I finally blew a fuse, reached beyond my Calvinism and purchased Office 18 months ago now. It has been heaven not to have any document fall over even once.

My wife delights in Word , as does my grandson. Does a home user really need Outook. I have been able to do just fine with Hotmail and Gmail native email tools. If you are talking about a business, then Outlook is a reasonable requirement, but you are comparing to the wrong bundles. The simplest case is 1 computer in the house. After 2. But that assumes that you will be upgrading to the next version as soon as it it released. Many people don't. So unless you have 4 or 5 computers maybe 3 in your home. Look at it the other way. If you had 1 computer in the house since much more reasonable assumption till ?

Personal only came out with And if you bought the local install, you would still have use of all 4 version having only recently gone out of support. You would have had control of when the new version was rolled out, not MS. Have you tried to find on the Web site.

But the no free trial is a red herring anyway. That is partly true.

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Some of the cross platform Office apps are currently free so they are also available to owners. As well there is the Office Online offering with it's limited functionality cr applets. How many users need more than the 5 GB of Free Onedrive space. You can't count on the 1TB allocation, up until last fall the space was "unlimited".

Plus, MS is scanning any file you upload to onedrive.