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How to Setup a Bluetooth Dongle on a Macbook Pro: 6 Steps

So you can't, for example, click a bluetooth mouse to wake your machine. I wake my machine by clicking a key on my wired keyboard. They don't always pair right away after waking up from sleep at least mine doesn't. You may have to flip the switch on the mouse to get your machine to notice it. There is rarely a problem with the BT coming up after a re boot.

Depending on the model of mac pro, there may be some concern on whether plugging in a BT dongle disables the internal BT. On late Mac Pro's like I have it does. On earlier models I am not so sure and the internal card may have to be disconnected. Since you don't have internal you don't have to worry about this. I'm just mentioning this for others that may read this. I guess I should answer the question on why one would stick a dongle onto a mac pro that has internal BT.

IMO sticking an antenna inside and near the back of what amounts to a Faraday cage is not a bright idea. End result, skipping mice google it and see this thread and there could be other dongle suggestions in that thread as well , poor reception, and a lot of frustration. Results vary depending on how far the mac pro is from the mouse, it's position, and what's between the back of the machine and the mouse. Even if you use a BT mouse with or without a dongle I recommend always having a wired mouse as a backup keboard too if you are using a BT keyboard. If you are having pairing problems, the "standard" first attempt to fix is to do a smc and pram reset.

And if all else fails you can do a " factory reset " of BT and re-pair your BT devices.

Pros and Cons of Bluetooth Adapters for PCs

Posted on Sep 13, 7: Page content loaded. Sep 13, 7: That was a very informative and extremely helpful reply. I just ordered the iogear for 9 dollars from BH Photo. Thanks for the info about needing a wired keyboard to wake up from sleep. I always have one on hand in case I need to boot up in safe mode, zap the PRAM, boot up to external device etc. Ok, good luck with it. Nice to know you can still get those things for 9 bucks. As long as you are prepared for the random wake-from-sleep hickups I mentioned 2 above you should be ok.

I always sleep my machine.


If you don't well, Mar 22, 2: Long gone are the days of two-inch long USB Bluetooth radios with little pop-up adapters. Using the latest Bluetooth 4.

Really, the one you choose depends on your budget, and whether you have an Amazon Prime subscription. Some Bluetooth devices ship with their own USB Bluetooth adapter, so you may not even need to buy one. As always, check the packaging for details.

USB Bluetooth Adapter Dongle as Transmitter From Desktop or Laptop MAC or PCs to Wireless Devices

Many different types of Bluetooth hardware are available, such as:. Whatever the case, however, to get started you will need to be able to connect the device to your computer in order to start using it. You'd be surprised how hard it is! We've rounded up some of the longest lasting Bluetooth headsets on the market.

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Read More to your PC. Begin by finding the Bluetooth button on your headset. This might be on one of the earpieces, or it could be on the wire. If Bluetooth is set to On , your computer is discoverable. A few moments later, the headset should have been detected, so select, and wait for it to be connected. If you can hear it through the headset, then the Bluetooth connection has been established. Note that in the Bluetooth settings screen there is a checkbox labeled Show notifications to connect using Swift Pair.

Simply check the box, and use the notification when it appears to enable the connection. As long as your computer has the necessary Bluetooth radio hardware built in or connected, it should be simple to enable it and sync a Bluetooth device.

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After all, all you needed to do was find out if Bluetooth was available, add it if not, and then enable it in settings. Hooking up a headset should have been straightforward, and other devices will be just as simple to connect. Let's dispel those Bluetooth myths. For example, modern versions of Bluetooth no longer kill battery!

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